Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple GamePlay:

Huggy Waggi and his pal Kissy Missy have tried to infiltrate the magical temple. Our heroes are going to look for archeological finds and treasures that have been hidden in the temple. You will assist them in this adventure in the game Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple at Y8 com 2 players. Each of your characters will then be appearing on the screen in front of you. You will be able to steer the actions of both heroes with the control keys.

They will have to go forward under your general area. Two very different monsters need to overcome various obstacles but instead traps along the way. They will have to gather up various items and locks along the way in order for your heroes in the game Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple to open the door resulting to the next level of the game.

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On PC: X to change player, WASD to move and jump

On Mobile and Tablet : Tap the buttons to switch players, move and jump