Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure GamePlay:

Bob is one of the best robbers in the world. What he has done is incredible. He can break in any places he wants and this time, he will loot an ancient temple. Do you want to join him? Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure is another installment of the famous Bob The Robber series that you can play for free at y8y8 games. All installments are about Bob and his mission. He is going to steal the treasure from the temple. However, this place is guarded by mummies and wizards. How can he break in and take all precious items?

With your help, he can do it. Let’s talk about your mission. You must lead Bob to go the right way. Beat the guard, unlock the doors, find the password to enter the locked rooms, and so on, do whatever you have to do to help Bob. When you see a camera, make sure you stay away from it or hide in the shadow. If it discovers you, the security alarm will ring and you are caught. Then, you have to start that level once again.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you need to go the exist and collect at least one coin to finish each mission. Collect all the coins give you 3 stars. Take action without being caught is not easy but with a little bit of care and luck, Bob can deal with all dangers and safely reach the exit. What kinds of treasure can he find? No one knows. You have to unlock the final level to get the treasure. Break a leg and have fun with other games such as Rodeo Stampede and Adam and Eve: Zombies.

How to play:

Right/left/down arrow keys to move, up arrow key to interact with items and enemies.

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