Frenzied Cube GamePlay:

You find many games that you’ve played too easy and boring. You can conquer them in a second, right? You want to try something both challenging and entertaining that keep you play for several times. Welcome to the world of the block. You join a frenzied cube in an interesting adventure. In Frenzied Cube at Games Y8, your objective is to complete all levels using as little attempts as possible. The game offers 10 stages.

Each stage contains 10 different levels. So it challenges you with 100 levels in total. You must finish the current level to move to the next one and complete 10 levels to unlock the next stage with y8. This game is really challenging. You will find it hard to master but really addictive. At here, you control a cube run and jump over the spikes and other deadly obstacles along the way. You finish a level when the process bar at the top is 100% full. You need to determine the correct time and make a perfect jump so that you land on a square that is not triangular. This decides whether you can pass the level or not. Much fun!

In the level, you will across various portals which make you change your shape and ability with y8 game. It means you will move upside down and have the ability to fly with double clicks or taps. Let’s see how you can conquer this challenging game. Frenzied Cube is really worth to spend time on. Don’t forget to visit y8y8y8.games to enjoy more games, such as The Impossible Dash.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

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