The Floor Is Lava 3D GamePlay:

Floor Is Lava 3D is a challenging and fun endless runner game that requires you to run as far as possible. It’s a disaster. A nearby volcano starts working. It has erupted and your town is shanked in the hot lava flood. However, you find a way to save your life. The furniture and stuff have not been destroyed by lava. You can make use of them to go forward and hopefully there is someone or something that helps you out there.

Here at y8 unblocked games, your mission is to jump from this furniture to that furniture. More clearly, you jump over and over the tables, chairs, bookshelves and so on. In the beginning, when you are still in your house, you can walk normally but once you go out, you don’t want your feet to touch the hot lava. The key point is timing your jump. You must take a step at the right time to jump over the gap between 2 platforms to move forward. If you miss, you lose.

Like other endless runner games, your character autoruns and you just control him to jump. Remember that time is everything. If you jump sooner or later just in one second, you fail. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you should try to collect heart along the way. Collect as many hearts as you can and don’t waste them by playing carefully. If you run out of heart, the game offers you a chance to relive. However, you have to watch a video to get this chance.

Good luck and hopefully you can break your previous record each time you play. Enjoy more fun and free game on our site such as Relic Runway and Rope Rescuse Unique Puzzle

How to play:

Click or tap to jump.

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