Cube Wave GamePlay:

Are you bored? How about having a ride? Launch the engine of your spaceship and start a journey through the tons of obstacles in Cube Wave at y8y8y8 games for kids. It has simple graphics and control mechanics. Your spaceship auto moves. All you need to do is to navigate it. It can only move diagonally, not in a straight line, so you have to change ít direction at the right time to avoid crashing into various obstacles along the way.

All the blocks you see on the map are obstacles and if you hit these cubes 3 times, your spaceship will explode. However, when you reach to close these shapes, you will earn bonus points. Sometimes, take a little risk, get a near miss to enhance the gaming experience. Fly through the obstacles to the end of each stage, you will see a straight line filled with diamonds without any obstacles, it is a sign that you move to the next stage.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, as the game processes, the moving speed of your space also increases. You know that you can control the spaceship’s speed, so you must take action faster and stay alert all the time. Just a second, your spaceship will hit into the cubes. Along the way, you can collect diamonds. Actually, diamonds are not used for anything. It just adds a challenging element to this game.

This game doesn’t seem as easy as it seems to be. Don’t let it fool you. Play hard and earn the highest score. You can break your own record next time. If you looking for more new choices of game to play in your free time, let’s bookmark and play Escape From Graveyard and Cube The Runners


Click to change the direction.

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