I'm a skateman GamePlay:

I’m A Skateman is a fun and challenging puzzle game at Y8 online.in which you have to draw a path for the stickman to skateboard to the finish line. Show off your wisdom and drawing skills to reach that goal at each level. It’s a challenging game. The stickman may deal with tons of obstacles before he can reach the finish line. Try to draw a smooth path. If the path is bumpy, the stickman will fall; therefore, make sure you draw a as perfect path as possible.

You have unlimited time to draw. So draw slowly to make sure the stickman succeeds right the first time. Of course, you won't always be successful immediately. There are levels that you have to try many times to succeed. So don't give up if you fail. Try other options until you find the one that works best. Each level features 3 coins that you want to collect. Draw a path go through these coins to get them. It’s fine to get only one coin. It’s also ok if you don't collect any coins.

As soon as the stickman crosses the finish line, your mission is complete. Like any games at https://y8y8y8.games/, you will handle more challenging missions over time. More obstacles will appear to challenge your skills. You have to find the best solution to conquer the challenge and guide the stickman to the place he wants to go. You won’t get help from the game.

However, if you can’t figure out the solution by yourself, you always can ask for help from friends or anyone around you. Have a great skateboard journey and enjoy more fun games such as Pirate Bombs and Mini Stills

Instructions: Mouse or touch to draw a path.