Splix.io GamePlay:

There are many players in the game Splix.io at y8y8y8 online. You are one of those players. And your special task is to occupy the territory with your prominent colors such as yellow. There are other players who also participate in this game. So you can override someone else's land by changing the color from their color to your yellow one. Then the land will belong to you.

However, you should avoid touching other players to complete the zoning. There is a huge land and you can do a great job if you are smart in this Splix.io game. Y8 school games also includes games of the same genre that you can explore like Speedboats.io and Wormax.io. Let's start looking for new locations, move and see how large of land you can occupy.

Watch out for your moves and join in this game. You will not be bothered by ads or slow game loading. Y8y8 games of 2018 always updates the latest games for you to relax in your free time. Explore other popular and well-known games on our website.

Especially, you will have to play with other players to find the new land and take control of them because of the invasion of others. It’s so interesting now. Just check this fun game and spend more times on your own game. Why don’t you play this game today?


Use the arrow keys to move and complete your new land.

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