Ball Climb GamePlay:

Ball Climb puts your hand-eye coordination into a real challenge. Are you quick enough to help a small ball avoid all obstacles and roll up to the highest? Here at Y8 com 2 players, a ball is rolling up a tall pole and your ultimate mission is to help it roll as far as possible and earn as many coins as you can. The ball moves up automatically and your job is to move it from left to right and right to left to avoid obstacles and collect points.

Your achievement is not only about how long the ball survives but also how many scores the ball collects. If the ball crashes into one obstacle, it will blow up and you can start a new journey. The gameplay and controls sound super simple and easy but it’s insanely challenging, especially as you advance. The moving speed of the ball increases significantly. More obstacles appear. Those make it harder to get a high score.

Games with simple gameplay at https://y8y8y8.games/ often have high difficulty. It challenges how high you can help the ball climb. It’s fun to play alone but if you want to have a greater gaming experience, you can compete against your friends to find out the one who has a better performance. Some games that have the same gameplay require you to collect coins or some items but here, what you collect is points. So, try your best to skip as few scores as possible.

Of course, it’s fine to leave some scores behind to keep the ball safe. Have a great gaming time here and don’t forget that on our site, tons of games are waiting for you to discover. Some of them are Mini Market Tycoon and Rope The City

Controls: Mouse.

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