Fit Balls GamePlay:

There are so many games designed to test the ingenuity of players and you can find some interesting options at y8 online, but first, let’s have a look at an addictive puzzle game called Fit Balls. Can you put all the balls of different sizes in the jar? It’s easy, right? However, the challenge is that all of them must fit in the jar without crossing the top lane. Pour all the balls into the jar in random order may not work.

You have to try and pour them in a different order to find out the most effective way. Don’t let its look fool you. Its gameplay is challenging and can make you fail several times at a certain level. Big balls will create gaps, then you can fill the gaps with small balls. Interestingly, the game offers bombs. You can use a bomb to blow up any balls in the jar if it stops you from winning.

Like other games on http://y8y8y8.games/, the more level you play, the harder more challenges you face. If you have poured all the balls in the jar and find out something wrong, you can click on any balls to pop it. Of course, they won’t disappear like when you use a bomb. You have to pour it again into the jar but you can make a quick fix without playing that level once again to correct your mistake.

Make sure all balls are below the line at the top of the jar. Otherwise, the mission failed. Enjoy your time here and experience more enjoyable games such as Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost and Lab Escape Online.


Click on the balls to pour them into the jar.

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