Ranger Action GamePlay:

Ranger Action is a cool action-packed shooting game in which you play as a brave ranger and has the responsibility to kill zombies. Zombies and other evil creatures suddenly appear everywhere. It seems that they will dominate this world. You must stop them at all costs. Here at y8 shooting games, your main objective is to survive as long as you can and kill as many monsters as possible. It’s not too hard but it’s not simple though.

You have to take action quickly before enemies attack you to deal with little damage because you are alone while the enemy army is crowded. If you are slow, you can’t move further. The game has only one level and it seems to be endless. You will fight until your health runs out. If you stay focused, your journey can last so long. While killing enemies, you will collect some useful items such as shield, power, and coins. It helps you defeat upcoming enemies faster. However, their use is only temporary. So make sure you take full advantage of them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, besides a shotgun, you also have some special skills including firestorm, lightning, and cold ice. You can call them and defeat many enemies at once but you'll need to wait a bit to use them next time. 10 different fly enemies and 6 different zombies are waiting for you. As time processes, the challenging level increases significantly. Be ready to deal with more challenges ahead.

Don’t forget to use magic items to defeat enemies easier. You can kill them or dodge them to protect your life. Make sure you check out other options on our site such as Elevator Breaking and Air Combat 2D


Use up arrow key to jump and spacebar to shoot.

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