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Another physics-based puzzle game has arrived at Y8 online. It’s called Catch The Apple. Look at its name and you may know what you’re going to do here, right? A little hedgehog is hungry who wants to swallow the juicy, tasty, and fresh apples out there. However, it can’t reach those apples. Your ultimate goal is to help him catch all the apples to fulfill his stomach. Let’s dig in.

You have to collect a least 1 apple in each level by making use of several useful items that you can find around such as balloons, destructible crates, tubes, fans, and even some friendly wild animals. The first time you see these items, the game will offer instruction to show you how they work, then you know how to use each of them to reach your goal. Besides apples, what you don’t want to miss is the star.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you should try your best to collect as many stars as possible to unlock the next level. A variety of tricky levels will test your perception. It’s easy to pass a level but it’s hard to pass a level with 3 stars and 3 apples. To make it, you have to use those helpful items strategically. Otherwise, you can’t maximize your score. As you advance, the challenging level of the game increases clearly. You deal with the much harder mission. It’s fine to fail because you can have other tries.

Just play until you breakthrough. This kind of concept is entertaining and great to play. If you want to play more interesting games like this one, just have a look at Adventure Craft and Fall Race Season 2.

How to play:

Use your mouse to solve the puzzle.

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