Grandma Recipe Apple Pie GamePlay:

Do you know how to make an apple pie? Annie loves her grandma’s apple pie and Annie hasn’t enjoyed her grandma's cake for a long time because she doesn’t live with her grandma anymore. Today, she texts her grandma to ask her to get an apple pie recipe because she wants to make it. Are you willing to help Annie? In Grandma Recipe Apple Pie at cooking games, you will join Annie to make her very first apple pie with her grandma’s recipe.

To make an apple pie, Annie needs some granny apples, pie crust, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, brown sugar, butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, a cooking pot, a wooden spatula, a handheld apple peeler, a fork, a ladle, a pie tin, and a knife. Go to the supermarket and get those ingredients and tools. After, you follow the instructions step by step. It’s easy to follow. That’s why kids can enjoy this Y8y8y8 cooking game as well. There are 5 parts including finding ingredients and tools, preparing ingredients, baking, choosing an outfit for Annie, and decorating the pie with some toppings.

You have to finish the current part to unlock the next one. The first 3 parts every time you play will be the same but you can choose a different outfit for Annie and decorate the pie differently each time you play. So, don’t leave the game after the first try. Play it several times to experience its beauty fully. If you are looking for a game with exciting gameplay, awesome visual arts, and easy control mechanics, this one should be your choice. Here on our site, you can show off your cooking skills with other cool games such as My Pizza Outlet and Idle Diner Restaurant Game.

Controls: Mouse.

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