Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi GamePlay:

Grandma’s recipes are always great, isn’t it? The girl in Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi invited her friends to come to her house and have dinner. She will treat them to Nigiri Sushi and she has asked her grandma’s recipe. It can’t go wrong with this recipe if she follows step by step just like what you do in other Y8y8y8 cooking games. Because she has to prepare a great amount of food, she needs your help.

Firstly, you guys need to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients including fresh salmon, fresh squid, grilled eel, fresh sea urchin, nori, freshly cooked rice, salt, vinegar, sugar, cutting board, knife, scissors, rice spoon, some plates, and a blow torch. After that, wash your hands and wear the apron, then get ready to prepare the seafood. You have to slice the salmon, peel the squid and slice it as well. After that, you clean the urchin. Then, you use scissors to cut Nori. When all ingredients have been well-prepared, you can start making sushi now. It’s so easy to make.

You just need to make a rice ball, put seafood on top of it and wrap sushi with seaweed. When it’s done, you should decorate the food to make it look great with flowers, leaves, and more. That’s it. The dinner is done. It’s time to take a bath and wear something to suit the date tonight. You don’t want to welcome your friend with the smell of food on the body, do you? Japanese-style outfits can be a good choice. Don’t forget to take a photo and edit the photo before posting it to your social media account. Have fun and here are some of the best games that you should have a try Grandma Recipe Apple Pie and Idle Diner Restaurant Game.

Controls: Mouse.

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