Venom’s Adventures GamePlay:

Venom wants to go where it wants to go. To get there, it has to overcome a series of deadly traps. Can you help Venom in this dangerous adventure? Three game modes are waiting for you to conquer in Venom’s Adventures at Y8 free games. There is a tube of liquid in each where Venom wants to jump in. That is your main objective. Help Venom jump over all obstacles and reach the exit safely. It’s not simply an adventure game but also a puzzle game.

The puzzle element shown is that you have to find the secret path to get the diamonds and figure out how to bypass each trap. Time starts once you appear at each level. Try to finish your mission as fast as you can to set a record. However, time doesn’t affect your result. You just need to jump into the liquid to unlock the next level in Adventure mode. Right now on http://y8y8y8.games/, the Hard mode is not available yet while Survival mode is where you have to survive as long as you can.

It likes an endless adventure. There, you have to run away from obstacles chasing you and deal with traps waiting for you ahead at the same time. When jumping, Venom will drop a part of the body. If Venom lost too many parts, it can’t jump anymore. However, Venom can collect the dropped parts later on. When it comes to diamonds, you find it truly hard to collect them but once you get diamonds, you can use this kind of precious gem to buy something interesting in the store.

It’s worth checking out. Break a leg and make sure you browse through our huge collection of games to find your favorite ones or just enjoy Escape Heroes and Merge Cafe.

How to play: Arrow keys to play.

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