Squicky GamePlay:

Squicky is a fun platform game featuring 12 exciting and challenging levels in which you will meet a little mouse. Here at Y8 games unblocked, this mouse needs your help to collect coins and reach the exit without being caught by cats. So, each level requires you to help the mouse collect every single coin and run straight to the exit within a certain amount of time.

Your mission fails when the mouse dies because of the cats or obstacles or time is up but that mouse hasn’t reached the exit yet. Watch out for enemies and time. Don’t worry because you have enough time to clear each mission as soon as you don’t make any unexpected mistakes. Remember that every single coin must be picked up. If you left any coins behind, even just one coin, you have to go back and take it.

12 levels are 12 missions with the challenging level increasing as you advance just like what you have experienced in other level-based games at https://y8y8y8.games/. In later levels, you will have more time but it also means that the missions are much more difficult. One important thing you should keep in mind is that besides collecting all the coins, you also have to pick up the key. The only way to unlock the door is to use that key. Without the key, you can move to the next level although you have collected all the coins as required.

With the cats, you can jump over them or jump on their heads to kill them. It depends on you. That’s all about this game. If you want to enjoy more fun games like that, here are our suggestions for you Way Down and Happy Lamb

How to play: Arrow keys to move and climb, Spacebar to jump.

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