Sneak In 3D GamePlay:

You are the greatest bank robber of all time and you can break into every bank in the world. The bank in Sneak In 3D is not an exception. Even though it’s protected by a modern security system and many guards. For you, it’s easy as a piece of cake to sneak into it and take all money. So, each level requires you to defeat a certain number of guards and reach the vault. As soon as all guards are beaten, a level is complete. You can attack each guard face to face or from their back.

If you get attacked and run out of HP, you lose and the next move you have to do is to restart that level. If you attack the guard face to face, whenever the Attack sign appears, you have to click on it to start attacking. If you are slower than the guard, you lose some HP. In case you choose to attack the guard from their back, you press the Space key on the keyboard to attack. Time your action to defeat the guard before they kill you.

As you have experienced from other level-based games at action games, the challenging level keeps increasing as you level up. The bank will be guarded more thoroughly. More guards are sent to guard the money and they will move around to look for the intruder. However, over time, you also get more experience to deal with enemies. Besides, the game doesn’t require you to finish each level within a given time. Complete all levels and enjoy your free time in other Y8y8y8 action games such as Helicopter Assassin and Subway FPS.

How to play: Space and left click.

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