Subway FPS GamePlay:

Terrorists are flooding into the city and occuping the subway. They are planning something. Before that plan is carried out, you have to stop them. Subway FPS is an intense and addicting FPS game that you can play for free at action games. You are put in the shoes of a soldier tasked with defending the subway from terrorists. Covered by the darkness, you walk into the subway and try to stop a terrorist attack. You face waves after waves of terrorists by yourself. You should be careful in every step you take.

In each wave, you have to kill a certain number of terrorists. You have only a limited HP. If you get shot by enemies, you lose some health points. The mission fails when you run out of HP while enemies are still alive. You should cover yourself to avoid being attacked. You can attack enemies from afar but from a far distance, you will find it hard to aim accurately; therefore, you can hide behide the objects in the subway and wait for them to approach you, then, you jump out and shoot them down. You will be surrounded by enemies.

To located them, you should make use of the map. On the map, you can see the movement of the terrorists. If you see something green on the map, collect them. They can be weapons such as pistols, shotgun, grenades, and so on. You can swap weapons during the battle. While reloading your gun, make sure you find a safe place to protect yourself. Let’s see how many waves of terrorists can you defeat. Show off your shooting skills here and in other Y8y8y8 shooter games such as Boing Bang and Stickman vs Aliens.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

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