Fighter Aircraft Simulator 3D GamePlay:

You don’t like to drive your car around the street anymore, do you? Then start conquering the sky in Fighter Aircraft Simulator 3D at y8y8 game y8. Control your fighter in an open world and do whatever you want here. This is a cool 3D aircraft driving game that brings you the most realistic flying experience ever. There are 3 modes for you to try out including takeoff, in the sky and landing. As its name, you do a different mission in each mode.

Not just fly, you also can launch missile although you are not in the combat. It just likes a military exercise. You control your fighter without following any rule in this game. It allows you to fly and discover the sky as a real simulator. You can switch between 3 modes without completing any mission to unlock the new one like many games out there. Just feel free to fly, pitch up, pitch down, yaw left and yaw right, perform a flip or more in the sky. Don’t worry about the accident or fuel because it’s unlimited.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have the true freedom to do whatever you want to do. Enjoy every moment in this awesome game and challenge yourself with new missions in other games like Mad Day 2 Special and Voxel Fly


WASD to drive

I/up arrow key to pitch down

K/down arrow key to pitch up

J/left-click to yaw left

L/right-click to yaw right

Q to switch special missile

E to switch target

Left shift to open fire

Space to launch missile

V to change view

R to switch minimap.

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