Boat Rescue Challenge GamePlay:

A boat is trapped in an area that has been shut down. It's struggling to find a way out. Can you help that boat? Here in Boat Rescue Challenge at https://y8y8y8.games/, the game tests your problem-solving skills with 30 challenges in which you have to find a way to lead the boat to escape from the shut-down sea. It seems to be easy but it isn’t that easy. To escape, the boat needs to collect 3 keys to activate the lever and open the gate. You fully control the boat.

Lead it to anywhere you want. A new level is only unlocked when 3 keys are collected and the boat reaches the lever. The lever only appears when you have 3 keys in your hand. While moving ahead, the boat has to dodge obstacles on the water such as lifebuoys, balls, fishing nets, barriers, and so on. However, the boat won’t be damaged when it crashes into those obstacles. Those obstacles just make it stop.

Besides, this Y8 games online 2 player game doesn’t require you to rescue the boat within a given time. So, take your time to drive the boat to the targets. The challenging level of this game increases from level 1 to level 30. It means the 30th level may be the hardest level of all but it may not be the case. Maybe more obstacles will appear and the boat will find it harder to move towards the keys in the later levels.

Overall, this is a good game to experience. Have fun and make sure you check out other games on our site such as Ball Giant Rush and Idle Pet Business. Each option of our game collection is worth your time.

How to play: Arrow keys.

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