Idle Country Tycoon GamePlay:

Have you ever dreamed to build the country according to your wishes? Are you ready to become the manager of your own country? I believe it's everyone's wish and we can all make it happen in Idle Country Tycoon at kids games. The great thing is that you're going to be the top in this city, so you have You can build everything you want from schools, swimming pools, amusement parks, hospitals, theaters, circuses or any other area you desire. So you should design your dream city. You can build anything according to your design or any position you desire. The important thing is that you feel happy and everything will build on your dreams. It's great because we can build a city according to our taste. That will help us to relieve the pressure and fatigue in real life. Discover interesting things and have lots of fun and happy moments in this virtual world. Idle Country Tycoon at … is a simple game, so it does not require you to have complex skills to conquer this game. Instead, you just need to follow the instructions in the game by clicking on the screen to earn a lot of money. After you have got a large amount of money, you will hire managers to build the city and start realizing your dream. To accomplish all this, you will need to work hard every day to earn as much money as possible and build a city of your own dreams. If you love building your own city, kingdom or farm, check out some games like My Mini City, Mahjong 3D Candy.

How to play: Use mouse or touch the screen. Good luck!

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