Bombs Drops Physics balls GamePlay:

Bombs Drops Physics Balls is a new version of the brick breaker game with a twist. It differs from other brick-breaker games that you can find at y8 games 3d in the way you control the ball. Instead of launching the ball from the bottom to destroy bricks above and moving a paddle to catch it when it lands, you shoot the ball from the top and the ball will return to a fixed spot when it finishes its job each time.

All kinds of shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, and so on will come up from the bottom of the screen. Each shape has a number on it and this number is equal to the number of times you shoot to destroy it. Among the bunch of shapes, you will see some special items. Shoot at them to collect them. You can get more balls, get more power, time, and much more. These items will give you some advantages to destroying the shapes.

Like other games out there and at https://y8y8y8.games/, it’s easy at the beginning but later on, you will find out how challenging the game is. The shapes with bigger numbers will appear and they come in red. They are tough and you need to shoot at them several times to break them. Besides, if a shape reaches the top of the screen, the game ends there. You can also collect diamonds while destroying shapes. Diamonds are used to unlock new balls in the store.

Shoot the ball in the right direction and you can make it bounce on several shapes. Each bounce on a shape will decrease its number. Until it reaches 0, it explodes. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Slashville3D and Bee Careful

Controls: Mouse.

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