Slashville3D GamePlay:

Slashville3D is an excellent farming simulator game at https://y8y8y8.games/ that welcomes you with a lot of activities. You will fight here, plant here, harvest here and build here. You have a small land at the beginning but by farming and harvesting, you will expand your village over time.

You slash and collect tomatoes to build several buildings such as a shop where you can sell tomatoes for coins, a hospital to recover your health after each battle against monsters, and a blacksmith where you can upgrade your sword length, damage, and armor, and so on. You also have to upgrade those structures and your home to unlock new buildings. While waiting for tomatoes to be ripe, you can go on adventures and kill enemies. You can return to your town whenever you want or when you almost run out of HP.

Unlike other farm simulator games where you have different tools to use in different activities, in this Y8 adventure game, you use your sword to do everything. Slash to collect tomatoes, slash to kill monsters, and so on. Here, you can even buy pets. It brings you a different gaming experience from other options of the same genre. Yes, it’s pretty unique and different from what you have tried before. You will realize it's special after a few minutes of starting the game. There are so many things to discover.

With unique gameplay and rich content, you will have hours of joy and it will keep you coming back often to continue building and expanding your village. That’s all about this exciting game. If you are looking for more interesting games to play, here are some options for you: Bee Careful and Crafty Miner

Instructions: Mouse.

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