Squid Marble Game GamePlay:

Squid Game still keeps people hooked. A set of 6 challenges are brought into a lot of games and Squid Marble Game is one of them. This game is available at Y8 boys games now and welcome all of you to enjoy. Here, you will deal with the marble challenge in a set of levels with increasing difficulty levels. All you need to do on each level is to get the marble into the hole. You don’t have a second chance to do it. If you miss it, you have to restart that level.

The way you shoot the marble is just like you use a slingshot. You adjust the power and the angle before shooting the marble. In the first level, you just need to shoot the ball in a straight line. Later on, you need to use your thinking ability and a little math. There is no way that you can shoot the ball straight to the hole. You have to shoot the ball at the wall and make it roll to the hole.

It’s insanely hard and it seems that you can’t guess the rolling direction of the marble when you shoot it to the wall. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, each time you shoot the marble to the hole successfully, you get one point. Your points will be reset to zero when you miss. However, you won’t restart the first level but the level that you miss the shot. Don’t pay attention to the guard standing near the playground. They won’t shoot you when you fail.

There are about 50 levels and keep in mind that the later levels are much more challenging than the previous ones. Enjoy it. YOu can find more Squid Game-inspired games on our site along with other options such as Room Escape 3D and Crazy Monster Blocks.

Controls: Mouse.