Straw Hat Samurai 2 GamePlay:

Straw Hat Samurai 2 is the latest action-packed slasher game at Y8 co m new games for anyone who love hack and slash games. You are a staw hat-weared samurai who can release the limitless power of katana. Here, you are shouldering a heavy responsibility. Your mission is to defeat hordes of enemies, fight for the freedom of people in your nation. Show off your martial arts and use your katana to slash each enemy into thousands of pieces. You can slash enemies from below to launch them into the air.

To perform air combos, you need to slash launched enemies repeatedly, and to slam them to the ground, you need to slash launched enemies downwards to slam them to the ground. However, some enemies are too heavy to be launched. You can enter exit shunpo mode. In shunpo mode, you are moving so fast that everything seems to be frozen. Shunpo decreases your power bar. You should slash downwards on downed enemies to slab them for massive damage. There are many ways to damage your enemies.

This exciting game at https://y8y8y8.games/ offers 4 different stages and you have a bar of HP. You draw to slash and you have to be quick enough to attack enemies and defend yourself from the attack of enemies. As time elapsed, more enemies will appear and they attack you with different kinds of weapons. You are under the attack of many enemies at once. That’s why you should take action fast and clean.

How much time do you need to conquer all 4 stages? This is one of the best time-killer games that you should give a try if you are finding one. Enjoy it for free along with other options such as Superfighters and Stick War: New Age.

How to play: Mouse or touch to draw to slash enemies. Space to activate shunpo mode. P to pause.

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