Red Ball GamePlay:

Red Ball is one of the latest adventure games at friv Games for girls where you make friends with a red ball who is struggling right now. It goes out and gets lost. It can’t find a way to come back home. That’s why you are here. In 30 challenging and enjoyable levels, your mission is to lead the ball to the red flag.

The red ball has 3 lives in each level and each time it falls or crashes into an enemy, it loses a life. The game ends when the red ball runs out of lives. You can’t earn extra lives for the red ball during the adventure; therefore, watch out for enemies and deadly traps out there. The game doesn’t require you to finish each level within a certain amount of time. So, take your time to lead the red ball. Make sure each jump you make is successful.

If you have played any games about the red ball at https://y8y8y8.games/, this game has the same gameplay and control mechanics to them. It’s easy to control, even kids can play this game. During the adventure, you can see so many coins scattered around. Collect as many coins as you can to earn 3 stars in each level. Of course, you don’t need to pick up every single coin. Just a few and it’s fine. The more coins you collect, the more stars you earn.

However, remember that you only need to lead the ball to the flag to clear the mission. 3 stars are just optional. So, what more are you looking for? Get ready and start your adventure now. New adventures are waiting for you in Spooky Tripeaks and Cookies Must Die Online

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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