Balance Tower GamePlay:

Balance Tower is an entertaining physics-based balancing game that is about building a tower by stacking the blocks. You play as an experienced builder and your main objective is to build a tower as required at each level. It means each level requires you to build a tower with a certain number of floors. If you succeed in stacking up that number of floors and a solid tower is built, you can move to the next stage. If the balance is lost, one or several floors will fall and you have to rebuild that tower.

Each block will be offered by a crane. It can appear from the left or the right of the screen. They come at different speeds and sizes. The higher speed and the bigger blocks, the harder to stack them perfectly. To prevent disruption happens, you should time your action to drop each block in the right position to make the next block land perfectly on the previous block. With every perfect build, the flowers on the balcony will bloom and you will get extra scores. As you advance, the mission becomes more challenging just like other level-based games at y8y8y8 action games.

The blocks get smaller and the moving speed increases. You may have to stack a big block on a small block and to keep balancing, you have to take action at the right moment. And you can gain experience over time and soon, you will know when to drop the block to get a perfect. If you get several perfect drops in a row, you will get some power-ups that help you do the mission easier. Show off your building skills and have a great gaming time here as well as in other Y8y8y8 online games such as Zombie Area and Boing Bang.

Controls: Mouse.

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