Zombie Area GamePlay:

The world is being dominated by zombies. Zombies are everywhere. They are really active at night. At night, they always come out from their hideout and come to humans’ houses. You have to deal with them every night. This time is no the exception. They are surrounding your house and trying to break into your house. Try your best to kill them and keep yourself safe. That’s your main objective in Zombie Area at action games.

Your house has different rooms or areas. In each room, you have to kill a certain number of zombies. When zombies come close to the window or the door, an alarm in your house will get set off. At that moment, you should be ready to fight. Come near the window or door and start shooting at the nearest zombie. If they break the door, they will get into your house and come for you. Move back and keep shooting. When you move to the next area, you will pick up a new gun and you can use it as your secondary weapon.

The new guns will have better shooting speed and range. However, it has limited ammo. It needs time to reload. While your secondary gun is reloading, you can switch to your very first weapon. In later levels, you will get bombs, med-kits, and other power-ups to tackle zombies. However, it means you will deal with more power-up zombies. Their moving speed also increases. That’s why you will realize that you will soon be surrounded by zombies. Let’s see how can you keep yourself safe. Good luck and make sure you check out other Y8y8y8 shooter games such as Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD and Fall Red Stickman.

How to play: Left click.

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