Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD GamePlay:

Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD is one of the latest tower defense games that you can play for free along with other amazing hand-picked games at Y8y8y8 action games. It takes you to Storm Land which is being attacked by monsters. It’s all up to you to protect this land from the invaders. Unlike other TD games that you have tried before where you place different towers along the path that monster comes, you have only one tower here and it is in the center of the land. Different monsters will approach your tower from all directions. You can easily defeat the first and the second wave of monsters.

However, from the third wave of monsters, you are easy to fail because more monsters appear and stronger will attack your tower. To deal with them, you have to upgrade the attack and defense abilities of your tower. There are 3 currencies in the game including silver coins, gold coins, and diamonds. You can earn them by killing monsters, daily rewards, spinning wheels, achievements, and more. You can use silver coins to upgrade your tower. What you can upgrade is attack speed, attack range, damage, crit damage, shield, HP, and so on. With gold coins, you can unlock new abilities for your tower.

It’s not easy to keep your tower and your land safe. Besides, if your tower is destroyed, you have to return to level 1 while there are 120 levels in total with three different worlds. Don’t give up if you fail several times in a row. You will get experience from failure and you can improve your strategy in the next try. Let’s see how many waves of monsters you can defeat. Have fun and check out other Y8y8y8 tower defense games such as Fall Red Stickman and In Space.

How to play: Mouse.

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