Army Sniper GamePlay:

Army Sniper is a challenging shooting game where you play as a sniper. Like other games of the same genre at Y8 player, you have to shoot something or someone. Yes, today is a hard-working day as you have to terminate all enemies in their base from afar. Don’t worry because you have a great sniper rifle with a scope. Take advantage of the scope to aim and shoot at each enemy accurately.

You can shoot at any part of an enemy’s body and they will die. However, it’s better to shoot at their head. As one of the greatest snipers in the world, shooting at an enemy’s head shows your skills the best. There are 30 levels in total and each gives you a certain number of bullets and you have to kill a specific number of enemies with those bullets. If you run out of bullets while enemies are there, your mission fails and you have to try again.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, in some first levels, missions are easy to be completed as enemies don’t move. You don’t need much time to lock the target and shoot. However, later on, your mission becomes more challenging as enemies will move around. You will find it hard to aim and shoot accurately because locking a moving target is quite difficult. The missing shot is probably inevitable. Don’t worry. The number of bullets you have is more than the number of enemies you have to eliminate.

Therefore, if you miss a shot, you still have other chances to correct your mistake. Break a leg and don’t hesitate to explore other games such as Titan Swamp Attack and Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters.

Controls: Mouse to aim and shoot.

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