Zombie Mission X GamePlay:

Zombie Mission X is a new installment of Zombie Mission X series – one of the most exciting and challenging platform games at https://y8y8y8.games/. Emily and Silver are enjoying a winter vacation after a hard-working year of heroes. However, they didn’t expect that when they arrive on this ice land, they face so many dangers. Zombies want to eat them. Traps are waiting everywhere. They had to reluctantly return to the role of heroes.

Help them kill enemies and pass every single obstacle, rescue the people in distress, and complete other missions, so they can go back to their igloo and have a real vacation. Here, you can play with one of your friends or family members on one device with 2-player mode or play along with 1-player mode.

Your goal in each level is to complete a random mission such as fire the wood or rescue a person in distress and reach the igloo. Read the instructions and follow the arrows to know what you should do next. In this Y8y8y8 game, you can unlock new weapons and upgrade the existing ones in the store. With new weapons and by upgrading, you will kill zombies fasters. Speed plays an important role because right after you appear in front of any zombies, they will approach you and attack you to death.

It’s better to shoot them down before they hurt you and make you lose HP. Enjoy it and have fun in other cool games such as Squid Sniper Game and Super Penguboy.

Controls: Player 1: WASD – move, C – shoot, V – grenade, W – jump, and walk on the wall. Q/E – switch weapon, Q+E – special attack. Player 2: arrow keys – move, L - shoot, K – grenade, up arrow – jump and walk on the wall, O/P – switch weapon, O+P – special attack.

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