Sniper Trigger Revenge GamePlay:

You are a professional sniper and you are hired to eliminate different bad guys in Sniper Trigger Revenge at Y8Y8 game Y8. Let’s get your weapons ready and finish this mission at all costs. This is a shooter game that combines puzzle elements. Shooting enemies down is not easy and it’s even more challenging when you have to figure out the perfect way to do it. You have 15 missions as 15 levels to complete.

You have to defeat a certain number of enemies within a specific number of bullets. Your mission fails when you run out of bullets while one or more enemies are still alive. You can see that three stars appear on each level. You can collect those stars by shooting at them. However, as long as you eliminate all enemies at each level, you can unlock the next mission.

Unlike other games on https://y8y8y8.games/, you don’t need any stars to move to the next stage. Some of the first levels are easy because there is no object block between you and your enemies. Later on, walls or platforms will appear and make it hard to shoot at enemies. You have to aim and calculate the rebound of your bullets when shooting against walls or platforms to shoot down enemies. Besides, do not hurt innocent people. Otherwise, you lose.

That's right, to be the top sniper is not easy and once in this position, you have to prove your skills and bravery. Switch to another weapon if you want before starting the new mission. Keep working and achieve the great fruit of labor. Enjoy more games such as Brave Knight Of Epic Fantasy Adventure and Stickman Shadow Hero.

Controls: Aim by using your mouse and shoot by using your left click.