Johnny Trigger GamePlay:

Johnny Trigger is an insanely challenging and captivating game in which timing your shots is the most important thing. You must be quick and patient at the same time. Take advantage of the red line to shoot at your enemies on each level. Here at y8 games online, a quick reaction is also needed when many enemies appear. You have only one chance each time. If you miss, you get shot. It just likes one chance one shoot. The underground world is a dangerous place filled with the mafia, so mistakes can be costly.

Each successful shot gives you coins. You can use coins to unlock new weapons. Each type of weapon has a unique ability. You can earn an extra coin with a headshot. However, it’s hard to make. You need to wait until the red line aligns with the enemy. The line moves clockwise and sometimes, it will go the other ways. This depends on the movement of your character while he auto moves.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the normal mode requires you to go through many levels and the Challenge mode tests your ability to survive, meaning you have to shoot as many enemies as possible. Each mode has its fun and challenge. You should try both of them to enjoy a different experience. Besides, you should remember that if you give your enemy a chance to kill you, you can go back in time to correct it.

Instead of it, you have to play that current level once again. So, how many mafias can you kill? Prove yourself and enjoy your shooting adventure here but don’t forget to explore more new options such as Flappy Bird and Zombie Spider.


Left click to shoot.

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