Donut Stack GamePlay:

If you are looking for a casual game that is both challenging and entertaining to play in your free time, Donut Stack can be a great option. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, your main mission is to make as many donuts as possible to serve your customers and earn a lot of money. You may wonder why making donuts can be fun and challenging. Well, the operation and gameplay of the game will tell you why.

Even though it’s simple and you can serve your customers with the best donuts, after all, you can’t reach the number of donuts that you want because you have to deal with so many obstacles. This game is not about cooking and baking. Basically, you collect dough parts, make a hole in each dough part, cover the donuts with chocolate, fry them and serve them. In this Y8 2 player games game, you have to control a line of donuts. Make it move from left to right and right to left to avoid obstacles.

By doing it, you will gain more donuts and avoid taking any donuts away. Lead the line of donuts and go straight to the finish line where customers are waiting for you. The number of donuts that you bring to the finish line will decide how much money you earn. The challenging level of the game increases just like most games out there. You will deal with new obstacles and challenges before you can serve your customers. Don’t give donuts for free. Don’t sell them.

Don’t let any obstacles take any donuts from you on the way. Have a happy cooking time and make sure you check out other fun games on our site. Here are some best options for you: Drop & Squish and Tower Boom

Instructions: Mouse.

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