Stack Runner Short Path Racing GamePlay:

Stack Runner Short Path Racing is an attractive running game in which you race against 3 other guys for victory. Your ultimate goal is to cross the finish line first. By being the winner in the current race, you can move to the next round. Instead of simply running towards the finish line like you usually do in other runner games at y8y8y8 kids games, you will collect wood slabs to build shortcuts to help you reach the destination faster.

It’s hard to become the winner if you just run from the start to the end of the track because you will be easily left behind. That’s why you have to collect as many wood stabs as possible to build a shortcut to pass other runners and rush to the finish line. Make sure that you have enough wood stabs before you start building a shortcut. If you don’t have enough wood stabs, the bridge or shortcut won’t be finished and you will fall down the water or lava. However, sometimes, with an incomplete bridge, you still land on the other side successfully.

You fail and you can’t move to the next round if you fall down the water or run to the finish line after other runners. Interestingly, you can take advantage of the shortcut or bridge of your opponents. When you reach the finish line, with the leftover wood stabs, you can build a bridge to get different levels of rewards. Show off your skills and break a leg. Check out other amazing Y8y8y8 online games such as Biomons Mart and Treehouses Maker.

How to play: Mouse.

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