Biomons Mart GamePlay:

Unleash your inner pet lover in the latest pet shop simulation game called Biomons Mart. Here, you are the owner of a pet shop, and your main mission is to take care of all the pets who come to your salon. Everything in the game happens automatically except for collecting money and upgrading staff This Y8y8y8 simulation game also has the gameplay of a puzzle game in terms of upgrading workers. At first, you have only one employee at level 1.

You care for each pet to earn money and earn money to hire more workers. To level up a worker, you need to merge 2 workers of the same level. With an upgraded worker, the time that they need to take care of a pet will be shortened. It means they work faster and welcome more customers. You can also upgrade pets to increase income. Over time, the money that you have to pay to hire new workers will increase. That’s why you should expand your pet shop and don’t forget to decorate your pet shop as well to attract more customers. Besides, you can spend money on some other essential upgrades such as Cool Panda Bear, Loyalty Program, or Black Friday.

You will get a lot of advantages from them. With your warm welcome and excellent service quality, customers will be happy and sometimes, they will drop some gifts to help decorate your pet shop. It would be great when witnessing the development of your pet shop from a small one to a paradise for pets with all kinds of services. Chase your dream and make sure you challenge yourself in other fun games such as Treehouses Maker and Emergency HQ: City Rescuer.

Controls: Mouse.

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