Treehouses Maker GamePlay:

Treehouses Maker is an amazing puzzle game about building. Are you curious about how it is played? Let’s start now. Well, your main goal is to build as many houses as possible, each with a beautiful garden and decorations. To build a house or decorate, you must collect wood. To have wood slabs, you have to cut down trees. To cut trees, you have to remove layers of a tree one by one. Those trees come in different layers.

You click or tap on 3 layers of the same color and they will be eliminated. Each time you take action, each layer will move to one of five slots in a bar on the top of the screen. 3 layers of the same color will be placed next to each other and then, turn into wood. A level is complete when all the trees are cut down and at that moment, you will get a decoration or a house. You will know what it is when you look at the upper right corner of the screen. The game ends when five slots of the bar are filled with 5 layers of different colors and nothing is eliminated.

You can see that some layers of the trees are hidden. To make them available, you have to remove the layers that obscure those hidden layers. If you have played other match-3 puzzle games or mahjong puzzle games at y8y8y8 kids games, this one has the same gameplay. You should be careful in every move you make. Playing randomly will put you at risk. Even though you can restart a level whenever you want, completing it on the first try will be better, right? Have fun and show off your amazing problem-solving skills in other Y8y8y8 puzzle games such as Emergency HQ: City Rescuer and Workshop Tools Link.

Controls: Mouse.

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