The Smurfs Village Cleaning GamePlay:

The Smurfs Village Cleaning is a fun and educational game for kids and everyone who loves Smurf. You can play it for free at https://y8y8y8.games/.You know what? Jokey Smurf did an unacceptable joke and this turns the whole Smurfs’ village into a mess. Everything is broken and needs to be fixed. All houses are covered with dust. They are busy cleaning their house right now but it seems that there are so many things to do. They can’t do it by themselves.

Let’s give them your helping hand. Visit each smurf’s house and help them to fix the broken items and clean their house from the inside out. In each house, you have to do some tasks. The cleaning process includes several steps and you have to go through every step to move to the next task. Basically, you have to apply soap, spray water on the item and wipe off the excess water. With the broken furniture, you have to fix it by putting all pieces together and cleaning it.

The best part of this Y8 com game is that after helping each house, the owner will give you a reward which is a piece of furniture that you can bring home and décor your house. With several complete tasks, you can upgrade the cleaning tools. Do you know how those tools work? The sprayer is used to clean items with powerful water spray. The wiper is used to wipe off the excess water. The sponge is used to apply soap to items to clean them.

The beater is used to beat the dust of rugs and clothing. So here you are. Let’s start your busy day and have fun in the Smurfs’ village. Besides, enjoy other cool games such as Toy Car Jigsaw and Jump or Block Colors Game.

How to play: Mouse.

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