Monsters.io GamePlay:

Monsters.io is a cool multiplayer IO game about the battle among monsters. The strongest one is the ruler and the weaker are food. Who will you be? Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, IO games are always favored by many players due to enjoyable gameplay and epic multiplayer competitions. If you love this genre, you shouldn’t miss this latest option. A battle consists of 10 online players.

Each player plays a different role. You can be a monster. You can be a wolf. You can be the robot doll from Squid Game or a bear. To grow up and increase the power, you go around the city and eat humans. By eating, you will level up and at a certain level, you can destroy the buildings and everything in the city to grow faster. Each battle lasts 90 seconds and the last survivor of the biggest one will be the winner when the time runs out.

Everyone is at the same level at the beginning. In this interesting Y8y8y8 game, the more you eat the bigger you become. And becoming bigger and taller gives you some advantages. For example, you can eat monsters or beasts who are smaller than you. You can break things to gain points and so on. Make sure you stay away from the bigger ones to keep your life safe. It means you can eat the smaller ones and the bigger ones can eat you.

Play smart to save yourself from enemies and hunt the weaker to grow up faster. The number of coins that you gain after each battle depends on your performance. With coins, you can increase three of your stats including speed, damage, and HP. Enjoy and have fun in other games such as Amogus.io and Shark io.

Instructions: Mouse to move.

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