Monsters TD 2 GamePlay:

Monster TD 2 is one of the latest games added to Y8 free games and it’s a tower defense game where you have to protect the portal to our world from monster attacks. There is a portal leading to the world and monsters are approaching it to enter the earth and dominate it. Here, you have to prevent those monsters from going through this portal. Build a strong defense so that monsters can’t reach the portal.

Each level gives you a certain amount of money to build your first 2 or 3 towers. Build your towers in the strategic slot to defeat monsters effectively. There are more than 4 towers and each has a different ability. You can upgrade your towers with 20 skills to increase the attack range of towers, reduce the cost of towers, improve the power of the towers, and so on. It’s important to upgrade the towers because as you advance, stronger monsters will appear.

With the basic towers, you can’t handle those towers. As a result, you lose in the battle of defending the portal. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you also have 20 awards to unlock. Try to achieve these awards to get upgrades without spending any money. Remember that choosing a perfect tower in a strategic slot is the key to winning. Some towers are used to attack. Some are used to slow down enemies and some can freeze enemies.

It’s better to build a tower used to attack at some first slots. As many games out there, the more you play, the more experience you gain. Good luck and don’t forget to explore more games such as Laser Cannon 2 and Furtive Dao.

How to play: Mouse or WASD/arrow keys.

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