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Most IO games are cool and enjoyable to play, aren’t they? Many people love playing IO games where they can play against other players around the world. Today at Y8 free games, you have a new option to try. Its name is Amogus.io. Have you ever seen several impostors competing against each other in a war for territory? Here is a war for territory without weapons or violence. You control an impostor and your ultimate goal is to take the largest area possible to dominate the leaderboard.

You leave a trail while running and to make a piece of land to yours, you form a line back to your existing territory. By doing it, you create a link and fill the blank space with your color and turn that area into yours. This battle is not just simple like that because you can eliminate your enemies and you also can be killed by other players. To eliminate an enemy, you cross the trail that your enemy leaves behind.

Like many IO games at https://y8y8y8.games/, your life will be taken by yourself if you cross your own trail. Therefore, you must be careful. Watch out for yourself and other opponents. The best strategy to try is to take a small area each time. If you opt for a large area, your trail is your weakness and you can easily be attacked. Keeping your trail safe is also an important mission. When you die, your territory will be free and you have to start everything from two empty hands.

The game offers several choices of skins for you to change the look of your character as well. Discover now! Enjoy your free time with more fun games such as Pixel Bubbleman.io and SquidGame.io.

Controls: Touch or WASD/arrow keys to play.

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