SquidGame.io GamePlay:

Several games inspired by the hit movie series Squid Game are available at Y8free games and SquidGame.io is one of them. Instead of taking the challenges from the movie series like many choices out there, this game keeps the original gameplay of IO games. Try your luck and test your skills in the mortal arena full of risks where you deal with online players all around the world. They come here to dominate the leaderboard and have a great gaming time just like you. Colored dots are everywhere.

Hurry up and collect as many dots as possible to become bigger and biggest to rule the arena. Those dots won’t disappear and you don’t have to collect them within a given time but they are the key to help you survive. Every single player enters the arena in form of the weakest and smallest. To evolve, all of you have to eat colored dots. When you’re bigger enough, you can chase the smaller ones and eat them. On https://y8y8y8.games/, you don’t have any weapons to kill your opponents. All you need to do is to approach and touch them.

When 2 players of the same size collide with each other, they will bounce off and be unaffected. However, when you hit a player who is bigger than you, you become his or her food. Therefore, be careful and stay away from the big guys. In case you run into someone bigger than you, speed up and get out of the situation. However, sadly, when you speed up, you lose some dots that you just collected, and your body size is reduced.

So don't abuse the speed boost, only use it when you're in danger. Have a great time here and make sure you discover our game list. Some of the best options you should try are ev.io and Dust Buster.io.

Instructions: Walk around by using your mouse and run away by using your left mouse.