Halloween Sudoku GamePlay:

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game that helps you train your brain, improve concentration and memory, reduce anxiety and stress, develop problem-solving skills, and so on. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you can find different versions of sudoku, and today, we would like to introduce you to a Halloween version named Halloween Sudoku. You can celebrate this special holiday by playing this awesome game.

The gameplay and the rules are the same. The only difference is that instead of using numbers, you will fill the grid of 9 x 9 squares with 9 different Halloween items. There are 3 levels of difficulty and you should start with the easiest one. Each grid comes with a few spaces already filled in and you have to fill the right item into the right square of the grid. You can see 9 big squares, can’t you? You should go for the square with the most filled-in.

In this y8y8 2 player game, the more spaces filled in, the easier the game. And with the highest level of difficulty, the grid just has very few spaces that are already filled in. A row, a column, and a big square have 9 spaces. You have to fill each row, column, and square with 9 Halloween items without repeating any items within the row, column, and square. You got it? Don’t worry if you fill in the wrong item.

You can erase it and replace it with a new item. If you get stuck, just click on the bulb on the right of the screen to get help. When you start a match, time is counted. However, you can stop that timer if you want to. Have fun and make sure you discover other games in our collections. Here are some options for you Huggie & Kissy The Magic Temple and Ludibubbles

Controls: Mouse.

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