Halloween Pencil GamePlay:

Halloween is coming around the corner. To celebrate this big event of the year, let’s find some games related to Halloween to make Halloween become more fun. One of the best choices you can find is Halloween Pencil. It’s a little game that suits all ages with a simple rule and enjoyable gameplay. If you have played Cut The Rope, then the gameplay of this one is quite similar to that one.

At http://y8y8y8.games/, you must help a wizard collect all 3 candies in each level. however, candies aren't hung in a rope and require you to cut the rope to make the candies drop into the wizard mouth. Here, you have to draw a path for the wizard to approach the candies. It sounds simple but not at all. You can control the movement of the wizard. Lucky and skills are what you need to win. To get 1 candy is hard, collect 3 candies is much harder. If you don’t set the highest goal to conquer, then just try to get 1 candy and open the next level.

However, if you love challenges and want to challenge yourself with something require you have to spend more time and effort, then go ahead and conquer 3 candies in each stage on unblocked y8 games. Collect candy is not only a condition to unlock the new level. You also have to help the wizard go through the portal at the bottom. This is the real challenge.

Enjoy more Halloween games available on our site to make your Halloween day more exciting. Rope Slash and Halloween Hit are 2 options you should check out.

How to play:

Use your left click to draw a line.

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