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MiniGiants.io is a fun and exciting multiplayer io game that you can play here on y8y8y8 games for free. In this title, you control a small giant (yes there is such thing!); you must attempt to grow your size and try to eliminate other players in the arena. 

You must collect items around the map and chests - these chests give you rewards and also provide cool weapons and armor for your giant to use in battle. Can you create a strong giant and dominate the land with your fearsome attacks?

You can share with your friends to join them and give the most accurate answers after you have discussed them. Y8y8y8 have many favorite games that you can hardly miss like Germs.io and Brutal.io. These games will surely be saved to your favorite games list today. Do not miss your ability and wisdom in this game.


Press the left mouse button to attack

Press the right mouse button to boost your speed

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