Yukon Solitaire GamePlay:

If you enjoyed some card games like Klondike or the classic Solitaire in Y8 card games, Yukon Solitaire, the new spin-off of the series will be one of your favorites soon enough. This is a perfect option if you are in the search for the fun solitaire game with more challenges and harder rules. It's not just about clearing the deck of cards anymore. The goal has changed to trying to move all the cards from the given decks to the foundations within the shortest time range.

In old solitaire, you can only move the uncovered cards and make a line of increasing number. However, with this game, the creators have added another feature that allows the players to freely move all uncovered cards. The only downside is that they can only be moved as a group, which means that you have to place all of them in one deck. Make sure that you pay attention to the sequence of numbers of each deck and keep focusing on finding the next cards for all of them.

Time is also of the essence in this card game from http://y8y8y8.games/ as you will gain tons of bonuses if you finish in the shortest time. As a reward, your name will be written on the Leaderboard, which shows your abilities among the various players from different countries. Don't be afraid to come up with the creative solution for an old problem like in this classic game of solitaire!

Despite the time pressure, you should always be careful before making any moves since one wrong sequence causes a lot of trouble for arranging later in the game. Be smart in determining the moves and clear all the given cards in more games like Boat Coordinates and Coloron!


Click and drag the mouse to move the cards.

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