Defend The Tank GamePlay:

Defend The Tank is a tower defense game in which you protect your tank instead of your base like other games that you may have played on y8 war games. Your tank is moving and enemies suddenly appear. They attack your tank so badly to stop it. However, you have the best soldiers on your hands. Let’s make use of them well to defend your tank. All units in the game have a limited HP.

You have to keep shooting at enemy forces until their HP runs out. If you get attacked, your tank also loses HP. You have 3 units. One shoot, one drops the bomb and one heals your tank. At first, there are 3 positions on the tank. You should place each unit in strategic positions to optimize its strength. After a short time, your units will become weaker and you have to replace them with new units.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, fighting units are important but the healing unit is essential as well. They restore your tank’s HP. As you advance, you level up and you can unlock new tanks that are stronger and some special soldier classes. The more you advance in the game, the stronger enemies will come. Air forces, infantry, and so on will attack you at the same time. It’s hard to handle. Try to stand firm and advance further into enemy territory. Sometimes you lose but sometimes you win.

Don’t lose your hope and try to take advantage of your soldiers to inflict maximum damage on your enemy. Let’s see how far you can go. Enjoy your time and make sure you explore more games such as Bow Master Online and Castel Wars


Drag and drop your soldiers in the right positions.

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