Crayz Monster Taxi GamePlay:

Welcome to the latest driving game at https://y8y8y8.games/ where you become a taxi driver but not with a normal taxi. Instead, you control a monster truck – Crayz Monster Taxi. Its name has the word Taxi but its gameplay has nothing related to picking up passengers and taking them to their destination. Here, you drive your monster truck and pass all obstacles along the way. This mission is interesting and challenging at the same time.

On the rough road, you will face a lot of obstacles that make your huge monster truck flip over easily. The key to avoiding being flipped is to master the speed. You need to know when to speed up and when to slow down. When you go down from something or after a jump, your monster truck tends to land with its head. This makes it upside down.

Luckily, unlike other driving or racing games on Y8 y8 where your car will blow up when it upsides down, here you can turn it over and keep running toward to cross the finish line. There are 10 levels in total and as you level up, the journey from the starting point to the final destination is more challenging as you will deal with more obstacles. Because this game doesn’t require you to reach the finish line within a given time, it’s better to drive slowly.

However, if you crave speed, or speed up and rush forward without caring about anything. Just enjoy the moment that your need for speed is satisfied. Fun! Remember that our site welcomes you with so many games worth playing such as Halloween Wheelie Bike and Truck Climber.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to drive your monster truck.

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