Truck Climber GamePlay:

Driving requires a lot of skills. Are you confident with your driving skills? Truck Climber tests your driving skills in several challenges where you have to climb over rocks. There are not many games like that at Y8 free games. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss if you like something related to cars and speed. Here, your ultimate goal in each level is to drive, climb over rocks that look like small mountains, and head to the finish line before you run out of stars.

Star plays as in-game currency. You have a certain number of stars at each level and the number of stars will decrease over time. You have to reach the finish line as fast as you can to earn as many stars as possible. Later on, you can use stars to unlock new trucks in the store. Control a truck isn’t easy and you even drive a truck to climb over rocks. It’s challenging and dangerous. Sometimes, you have to jump off the cliff and you may fail to land.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, when the truck goes downhill or lands after a jump, it tends to land with its head. You must slow down or increase your speed accordingly to land safely and finding the right speed is another challenge in the game. You will have more experience after failures. Only by finishing the current level, you can unlock the next one.

Besides, there are no boosters or power-ups to help you make your mission easier. Whether a level is successful or not, it all depends on you. Let’s start driving, climbing, and crossing the finish line to win and have fun. Make sure you check out other interesting options such as Bike Stunt Driving Simulator 3D and GTR Drift Legend.

Instructions: Arrow keys or mouse to play.

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