Volley Beans GamePlay:

2 team consists of 6 players in the traditional volleyball matches that you watch on TV. However, how about 1 player takes the roles of 6 ones? How can you play volleyball with 1 player in each team? Let’s Volley Beans show you how. It’s a fun and entertaining sports game about volleyball in which your ultimate objective is to get as many scores as you can to beat your opponent in a thrilling 1v1 volleyball match.

At http://y8y8y8.games/, you will use one-button control to do all actions like hitting the ball, blocking the ball and so on. You don’t have to follow any rules like playing volleyball in real life. Just feel free to get scores as the way you like as soon as you win. If you get many scores in a row, you activate the fire mode that makes the ball burn and has incredible power.

The fireball can send your opponent off the course. How excited is it! The control is simple but you still have to stay focused to jump at the right time to catch the ball and hit to ball to your opposing’s area. On y8 games 2 player, timing to jump is the key to win. You may lose momentum and miss the ball which leads your opponent to earn a score.

With the aim of winning and the cheer of the fans, play hard for glory in this amazing game. If you are looking for more sports games, let’s check out Ultimate Baseball and Swipe Basketball


Tap or click to jump.

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