Flying Mufic GamePlay:

Have you ever try a game considered a legend of difficulty called Flappy Bird? It’s back at Y8y8. under a new name Flying Mufic. The gameplay and your mission are simple. That’s to fly through as many pipes as possible without touching any part of them. Timing your taps or clicks is everything. It decides how long you can go and how many scores you can get. If you tap too slow, your bird will drop fastly and suddenly and you don’t have enough time to fly up.

However, if you tap too many, your bird will easily touch the top pipes and you easily overdo it. Each pipe you go through rewards you one point. You have to find a way to fight against gravity with your wisely tapping pattern. This is one of the hardest games that you can play on https://y8y8y8.games/. Its challenge makes you more motivated to pursue better achievements or can make you give up and get mad.

The game's brutal gravity can make you sick of it. Try to stay calm because you will play worse when you get stressed. Sometimes you have to tap repeatedly to raise the bird high or stop tapping to make it drop depends on the height of the upcoming pipes to pass between pipes. You will find yourself at risk where you couldn’t respond fast enough to overcome that unexpected situation.

Of course, you can’t earn more lives, collect power-ups, or upgrades here. It’s all about your tap. Your skill may not improve by playing more but you will your rhythm in terms of taping or clicking. Have a great time and if you want to find peace, check out the following options: Boomerang Snipe 3D and Save The Monster.

How to play: Tap or click.

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